Wisconsin Fly Fishing for Trout

Wisconsin Fly Fishing Forums

If you are looking to chat or learn about Wisconsin fly fishing from other fly fishermen there are a couple of good fly fishing forums where you can get some good advice about fly fishing trout, smallmouth bass and muskies in Wisconsin. My two favorite Wisconsin fly fishing forums are listed below. Any one can join these forums and read or contribute to the ongoing conversions.

The forums are also good places to ask about fly fishing classes, guide services, fly tying and casting instructions.

NEW: Fly Patterns For Trout Forum

Wisconsin Fly Fishing Forums

  • - a great message board dedicated to Wisconsin fly fishing. There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum.
  • - although the Troutnut forum covers more than Wisconsin there are guys form Wisconsin on the forum. Jason, who developed and maintains the Troutnut website began the website when he lived in NW Wisconsin.
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