How Do I Fix My Erectile Dysfunction? – Are There Any Other Possible Causes?

With the number of men suffering from ED increasing everyday, many men are searching for answers to a question that I had been asking myself for years. The question is how do I fix my erectile dysfunction?

As a sufferer I always believed that there was only one cause of ED. All the others were only a result of it. So, when I found out that there were many other possible causes that could be causing my problems I wasn’t surprised.

Because when I read up on the cause of my problem, I discovered some interesting theories. Not everything you read online will make sense to you and that’s why you need to do your own research before you jump to any conclusions.

So how do I fix my erectile dysfunction? It’s important to know what caused your problem before you try to solve it. By learning about the cause, you can avoid or eliminate it.

Let’s start with something that is now very common, premature ejaculation. This is usually brought on by a low libido. This often happens when there is not enough blood going into the penis during orgasm.

If there are low levels of testosterone, an underlying disease, such as diabetes, may be the cause. Or sometimes it can be a mixture of both.

Many men may have ED because they are not aroused enough when they first start having sex. If you are not feeling aroused then you won’t be able to have a full erection for intercourse.

So ifI don’t feel fully aroused when I have sex, how do I fix my erectile dysfunction? Simple, you need to make yourself ejaculate earlier. If you can control the early ejaculation then you can have more power over your erections.

In fact, this may also be a good reason why you are having trouble achieving an erection. But this is not the only reason why you may be having trouble having an erection.

When I was looking for a cure for my ED, I discovered that some other causes of erectile dysfunction may be smoking and drinking. And those may be directly related to your problem.

Many men are too stressed to be able to control their libido. And these include married or divorced men who don’t like to drink and smoke, as well as young men who find it hard to quit smoking and drinking.

So what can you do to stop the premature ejaculation? You can turn your sex life around with some simple techniques that can give you the results you’ve been looking for.